Director's Desk

Director's Desk

I salute the guardians of the future citizens. We, the SANSKRUTIANS, have solemnly resolved to create a society of motivated citizens committed to serving our motherland and dedicated to the conservation, preservation, and protection of our culture and environment. Equipped with all the tools of holistic education and an unshakable determination, the SANSKRUTI family is all set to impart complete education to ensure that every learner becomes a perfect individual.

Change is the law of nature, and one must accept it wisely. It is quite challenging for our young learners to adjust to the rapidly changing behaviors and norms of the world. However, the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education equips us to keep pace with the advancements of the world and prepares our budding talents to choose their careers intelligently and succeed.

A child grows into perfection only when their originality remains intact. Let us guard this originality and guide them to strive tirelessly, witnessing them develop into eligible citizens of our country. Never resting, always on the pathway to progress in the field of education, we believe in change that starts early and remains constant. At SANSKRUTI – AN ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL, we march forward with the torch of knowledge and learning shining brightly and high.



Mr. Devendra Singh

Sanskruti - An English Medium School, Ashoknagar


Office : Vidisha Road, Pawargarh, Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh
City/State: Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh

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day : Monday - Saturday
Time : 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Phone : +91 99264 73573